Introducing AI Mastering on Kits

Kits AI Mastering feature page

The Best AI Tool for Music Mastering

We’re excited to launch our newest AI Mastering tool to speed up your workflow by putting release-ready mastering only a click away. Designed for all types of beginners, veteran music producers, and mastering engineers, the AI Mastering tool, you can upload a rough mix, select a style, and within seconds, your track will have the loudness, stereo width, and punchy transients to make it stand out.

Why is AI mastering helpful?

The possibilities behind AI-powered mastering are endless. Put AI Mastering to work for you:

  • Stay efficient and meet any deadline. Put instant polish on demos and keep the momentum going with your collaborators. 

  • Sound like your influences. Upload your own reference track or link to a YouTube video to master your music in any style you can imagine. 

  • Check your mixes throughout the production process to hear how the mastering process will affect your sound. 

  • Quickly experiment with dozens of mastering styles without spending time in the weeds adjusting plugin settings.

  • Master an entire album with a single reference track for a consistent listening experience.

AI Mastering Tutorial on Kits.AI

Explore AI Audio Mastering and reimagine your track into any genre with these simple steps:

Go to the Track Mastering feature on Kits.AI.

Kits AI mastering page

Add the audio file of the track you’d like to master.

Audio file uploaded to the AI mastering page

Select a preset or add a reference track and click the “Master” button to polish your track in minutes.

AI mastering page with the Bass Heavy preset selected

Bonus: Add in your own reference track or even a link to a YouTube video for a unique mastering style.

AI Mastering page with a reference track added in lieu of a preset selection

Exploring AI Mastering Tools: Landr, Logic Pro, and Kits

The advent of AI tools for music producers has made jumping into the music industry easier than ever. Audio mastering, a highly-coveted skills within audio engineers, is a must-have skill in the music creation process. Technologies including Landr’s plugin, Logic Pro’s Mastering Assistant, and Kits AI’s free AI Mastering feature all revitalize the traditional mastering process using AI technology to improve producers’ workflow in creating high-quality, release-ready music.

What’s next with Kits and AI Mastering

AI Track Mastering is just one of many features moving us towards our goal of creating the best cutting-edge AI audio platform to streamline music production and empower creators of all skill levels. We’re excited for you to try it out and would love to hear your feedback!

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