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Youtube voice model training page on Kits

We’re excited to announce the newest tool in our AI repertoire: AI Model Training with just a Youtube link. Our newest release makes train your AI models easier than ever before with just a YouTube video-no acapella files needed.  

This groundbreaking technology simplifies the process of training AI voice models, enabling creators to make any voice they can imagine in seconds. Get started with 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to and click Create.

Kits AI voice training page
  1. Select a Premium training slot.

Kits training page with Premium option selected
  1. Add Youtube links for a total dataset of up to 20 minutes and press Continue to begin training.

Youtube links uploaded on Kits AI training page

Kits.AI will automatically separate vocals from instrumentals or background noise, analyze the provided link's characteristics, and train an AI voice model seamlessly, making it a powerful yet easy-to-use addition to a music creator's toolkit.

AI voice generators like Kits have made it easier than ever to mimic lifelike voices. They’re gaining traction in the music industry, contributing realistic vocals to songs for a number of use cases. Kits.AI’s YouTube Voice Training takes this concept a step further by introducing a user-friendly tool that simplifies an otherwise difficult training process.

In conclusion, Kits.AI's Youtube video model training tool is a game-changer for the AI voice modeling industry. The ease of use, flexibility, and the use of deep reinforcement learning make it an essential tool for anyone looking to train an AI voice.

Plus, the tool has no limitations! All you need is a YouTube video and a little bit of creative imagination. Be a part of the exciting world of AI and start experimenting with Kits.AI's video training tool!

Stay inspired and keep creating,

The Kits.AI Team

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