December 5, 2023

December 5, 2023

Transform Your Beatboxing: A Guide to AI Music Generation with Kits.AI

Transform Your Beatboxing: A Guide to AI Music Generation with Kits.AI
Transform Your Beatboxing: A Guide to AI Music Generation with Kits.AI

AI Music Generation on Kits AI

Beatboxing enthusiasts and music producers, listen up! Ever wondered how to seamlessly create gritty drums to use in your next music track with AI? Look no further – Kits has the answer with our instrumental generator models. Follow this quick guide to elevate your sound game:

1). Head to Kits.AI and visit our Convert page:

Begin your AI music journey by visiting Kits.AI. A user-friendly interface awaits; check out our voice library featuring AI voices for music production and free music generators to experiment with.

2). Explore AI Instruments:

Discover a treasure trove of AI Instruments. For this AI beat generator tutorial, select the Gritty Tape Drums.

3). Upload Your Beatboxing:

Choose Gritty Tape Drums as your preferred instrument and upload your recorded beatboxing. Watch as Kits.AI works its magic to turn your beats into something extraordinary.

4). Adjust Conversion Strength:

Fine-tune the experience by increasing the conversion strength. This adds more articulation from the AI model, ensuring a nuanced and dynamic output.

5). Modulate Model Volume:

Take control of the dynamics by adjusting the model volume. Decide how much of the original input audio's energy you want to infuse into your AI drum loop.

6). Click Convert and Enjoy:

The final step – click 'Convert' and revel in the result! Your beatboxing has now transformed into Gritty Tape Drums, ready to inject a fresh vibe into your music.

The Kits.AI Instrument tool is your passport to crafting unique samples and boosting your creativity as a music producer. Whether it's a vocal sample or any melodic loop, Kits.AI seamlessly transforms it into a completely new instrument. Elevate your beats, explore the possibilities, and let your music evolve with Kits.AI. Start your sonic adventure today! 🎵✨

Need Help?

Learn more with our video tutorial here or check out our easy AI model generator guide now.

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