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Today we’re launching the Kits AI Beta, a platform for artists, producers and fans to share the infinite potential of their voices with the world.

On Kits AI you can:

  • Transform your voice into your favorite artists

  • Re-imagine your voice in any vocal style

  • Create and share your very own AI Voice from scratch

  • Submit your AI song for a commercial co-release with Kits artists

Try the platform now at and keep reading for more about how we’re putting artists first with Kits AI.

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New Technology, New Challenges

Like any game-changing technology, AI Voices have been met with both excitement and fear from the music world. This is well justified: an artist’s voice is their identity and the ability to imitate that comes with real implications. Much like when sampling was first popularized in the 1980’s, AI Voices present brand new questions and concerns around copyright and originality.

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AI Voice technology, like the sampler, raises new questions around copyright and originality.

We believe that, like sampling, AI Voice will lead a creative renaissance in music, and with the right systems in place artists will benefit tremendously from this new technology.

Giving control back to Artists

Nearly all uses of AI Voice to date have not involved the artists whose voices are being used. We believe it’s critical that with this new technology artists retain control over how their voices are used. So, in building Kits AI, we’ve worked closely with artists to develop solutions that put them first.

Share your voice on your terms

Imagine your most talented fans creating new music alongside you. Kits gives you the option to publish your voice publicly, and retain control over how it’s used.

Developed in collaboration with AI and music industry legal experts, we've designed an AI Voice Model License that places artists in the driver's seat. Our Personal Until Approved license allows users who transform an artist’s voice to obtain a personal-use license, but any commercial release of their derivative song must receive approval from the artist.

It's a system that ensures artist voice models are accessible to users, while artists retain full control over their commercial likeness. Additionally, it incorporates a hate-speech termination clause, empowering the artist to terminate any license of derivatives made in their voice that they find objectionable.

Graphic depicting the royalty split between an artisti voice AI agreement

Easy monetization

AI Voice Models have the opportunity to be a massive new income stream for artists, but today’s solutions - voice models created without the artist’s permission - completely cut artists out. At Kits.AI, we’ve worked hand in hand with artists to develop solutions for artists to create, release, and monetize their voices fairly.

  1. Credits. After the Kits.AI Beta period, using artist voices will require platform credits, allowing artists to be paid not just based on derivative works, but for the usage of their models

  2. Collaboration. Because we work with artists to officially release their voice models, we provide the opportunity for producers to co-release AI Voice tracks music with fair splits. Creating new income streams for artists and placement opportunities for producers.

Private AI Voices to supercharge your production team

Not every artist wants to share their voice with the world, but fortunately, private voice models still have plenty of use cases for these artists too. As a vocalist, your time is valuable. With, you can create a custom AI voice model for your own voice, and share it internally with your production team – allowing them to create vocals that sound like you, without you needing to set foot in the studio.

This allows your team to:

  • Create demos of new tracks that sound like you, without you having to sing

  • Add vocal audio during the mixing and mastering process without you having to sing

  • Crowdsource your songwriting and recording process

Interested in the Kits team creating a private white-glove AI Voice for you? Contact us here.

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What’s next

With Kits AI Beta now live, we’re entering a new chapter for AI Voice, leveraging the new technology to empower musicians instead of exploiting them. Over the next weeks we’ll onboard more artists to our library and release more features to make AI Voice accessible to everyone.


Get started, free. No credit card required.

Our free plan lets you see how Kits can help streamline your vocal and audio workflow. When you are ready to take the next step, paid plans start at $9.99 / month.

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