February 12, 2024

February 12, 2024

How to Make Tech House Vocals with AI-Generated Voices

How to Make Tech House Vocals with AI
How to Make Tech House Vocals with AI

Using AI Music Tools to Create Tech House Vocals

Tech house, a genre where rhythm meets soul, and technology meets creativity, has become a staple in dance music culture. Crafting the perfect tech house track often hinges on the vocals — that one element that can elevate a good beat to a great song.

In the studio, the process of producing these vocals is evolving, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). This guide walks you through the innovative journey of creating tech house vocals using AI singing voice generators, transforming your lyrical ideas into club-ready anthems.

The Role of AI Tools in Music Production

Artificial intelligence is no stranger to the modern music production landscape. It streamlines workflows and opens new creative possibilities, particularly in vocal production. By harnessing AI, music producers can generate unique lyrics, mimic different vocal styles with their own voice, and process songs with precision, all while saving time. With these AI-powered tools, the dream of crafting high-energy tech house vocals is not just accessible; it's at your fingertips.

1. Preparing to Create with AI Music

Understanding GPT for Lyric Writing

When starting with tech house vocals for your ai song, the lyrical content sets the stage. Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) models are AI-generated systems that can write coherent and catchy lyrics fitting different genres including tech house. By inputting a theme or a few key phrases, GPT can spin out lines that resonate with the track's energy. At the very start of the process, between 0:04 and 0:08 in our reference video, you are guided to pair GPT-generated songwriting lyrics with a dynamic vocal delivery, ensuring that your track begins with the right momentum.

Selecting the Best AI Vocal Model on Kits.AI

The essence of a tech house vocal lies in its timbre — a quality that can define the track. Finding the right royalty-free vocal model is critical, and Kits AI brings you a variety of the best ai voices to your studio along with the option to clone your own AI voice.

Selecting a vocal model

Explore Voice Cloning on Kits.AI

Additionally, music producers have the option to train AI voice models of vocalists that they frequently collaborate with on Kits; leveraging the best AI algorithms to generate music for even commercial use condensed into a simple, user-friendly interface.

2. Processing AI-Generated Vocals

Converting and Compressing AI Vocals

Once you have your vocal takes, the conversion process begins. At 0:24, we see the transformation of the raw AI-generated vocals, shaping them into polished gems. A crucial aspect, highlighted between 0:28 and 0:33, is manipulating the pitch and formant of your AI singer’s vocal loops. By lowering these, you impart a darker, more mysterious quality to the vocals, which is often sought after in tech house music.

Enhancing Vocal Quality with Plugins

To give your AI vocals the professional edge they need, plugins are essential. The CLA Vocals plugin is a popular choice, as shown between 0:39 and 0:44, offering both compression to tighten the vocal and stereo widening to enhance its presence in the mix. Following up at 0:47 to 0:49, analog compression adds an aggressive tone, giving the free ai vocal that much-needed punch in a tech house setting.

Brightness and Space

A vocal that cuts through the mix is a vocal that shines. By enhancing the high frequencies, as suggested between 0:53 and 0:56, you add the necessary brightness to your vocals. Moreover, the use of short reverb and delay, referenced between 0:59 and 1:04, provides the vocal with an expansive space, making it appear larger within the track's sonic environment.

Adding Warmth and Saturation

To complete the vocal processing, tape saturation is employed between 1:07 and 1:12. This effect imbues the vocals with a rich harmonic content, creating warmth that makes the track inviting and full-bodied. This step is crucial for achieving the vintage feel that so often complements the modern pulse of tech house beats.

3. Finalizing the Tech House Track

Mixing Vocals with the Beat

The final piece of the puzzle is blending your processed AI vocals with the tech house beat. From 1:15 to 1:23, we are shown how to mix these elements to achieve a cohesive and compelling track. This is where the vocals truly come to life, interplaying with the rhythm and bass to create an irresistible groove that is the hallmark of a great tech house track.


Creating tech house vocals with AI voice generators is a journey from lyrical conception to dance floor sensation. Through this guide, you've seen how each step in the AI vocal production process builds upon the last, culminating in a track that stands out in the vibrant world of electronic music.

With these tools and techniques, your path to producing standout tech house vocals is clear—let the beat drop, and let your creativity soar. Creating compelling tech house vocals requires not just the initial production but also a thoughtful finalization process where all elements come together harmoniously. The last steps of mixing are crucial, as they determine how your AI-generated vocals interact with the intricate layers of the tech house beat.

After meticulously processing and enhancing the vocals, it's time to bring them into the realm of the beat. The video provides a glimpse into the art of mixing, where the processed vocals are carefully blended with the underlying tech house rhythm to create a synergistic music creation. This crucial phase is about balance; the vocals must complement the beat, neither overpowering it nor being lost within it. Achieving this equilibrium ensures that the track resonates on the dance floor and connects with listeners.

With the mix complete, the tech house track is ready for listeners to experience. This final product is a testament to the potential of AI in modern music production, offering an avenue for producers to channel their creativity through technology. The journey from the first lyric to the final mix is a harmonious blend of human touch and AI precision, resulting in a track that can captivate and move an audience.


In summary, AI presents a revolutionary tool for music producers, especially in the realm of vocal production for genres like tech house. From crafting lyrics with AI models like GPT to selecting the perfect vocal timbre, and from detailed processing to final mixing, AI streamlines each step while giving producers creative control. The era of AI in music production is not merely a glimpse into the future—it's a present reality that's reshaping how tracks are made, offering an accessible path for musicians to achieve professional-sounding vocals.

As tracks infused with AI-generated vocals begin to permeate the tech house scene, the impact of this technology is evident. Producers who embrace AI find that they can push the boundaries of their creativity, exploring new textures and styles that might have been out of reach before. AI is not a replacement for the human element in music; rather, it's a tool that amplifies it, allowing producers to translate their ideas into soundscapes with greater efficiency and flair.

The potential of AI in music extends beyond tech house and into numerous genres, each with its unique demands and stylistic nuances. As AI technology continues to evolve, so too will the ways in which we create and experience music. The fusion of AI and human creativity in music is just beginning, and its influence on the industry is poised to grow as more artists and producers harness its capabilities. This intersection of technology and artistry is crafting the next chapter in music production, one where the barriers to entry are lowered, and the possibilities for innovation are vast.

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