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The AI Voice Generator for Producers, Singers, and Musicians

Have you used ElevenLabs to create professional-sounding voiceovers for your content? The artificial intelligence revolution is sweeping content creation, with tools like ElevenLabs allowing you to create high-quality realistic ai voice narration for podcasts and other audio creations faster and cheaper than ever before. 

Now, producers and singers are using similar speech & AI technology for their music. Kits AI can create stunning lead melodies and backing vocals, replace singers with one from a different style, and even clone a real voice. And it sounds so good, you won’t even notice it’s AI. 

Let’s compare Kits and ElevenLabs to see which AI vocal tool is best for your work.

Comparing Kits and Elevenlabs

Both ElevenLabs and Kits can create human-sounding narration and voiceovers using text-to-speech. But only Kits can create AI singers and convert sung recordings, including mixed music with instruments and backing vocals. The process is similarly simple for both tools.

ElevenLabs allows you to generate speech two ways: text-to-speech and speech-to-speech. In the latter, the speaker in an existing recording is replaced with a stock voice, custom voice you create, or cloned voice. (More on those later.) Once you enter text or upload a file, you’ll be asked to choose a voice and a model. (ElevenLabs offers multiple AI models, but Eleven Multilingual V2 is recommended for most purposes.) You can then set four settings for your output: 

  • Stability: Higher stability will make the voice more consistent across generations, but results may sound more monotone and artificial.

  • Clarity + Similarity: This enhances the output to make it easier to understand and more similar to the original in speech-to-speech, but can cause artifacts (unintended, perhaps strange-sounding inclusions).

  • Style Exaggeration: This slider is set to zero by default for faster speeds. Raising it can stylize flat or monotone uploads, but can also cause strange results at high levels.

  • Speaker Boost: Check this box to increase the similarity of the output to the original speaker in a speech-to-speech generation. 

Elevenlabs speech synthesis page

Kits offers a similar range of features, but with additional upload formats and settings built for music producers and singers along with API access for applications. The key difference between the two tools is that Kits offers speech-to-speech generation for singing. Upload a song, choose an AI Voice Generator, Blend, or clone your voice, and generate your melody with a new singer!

Kits offers a number of advanced settings to customize your vocal track:

  • Remove instrumentals, reverb and delay, and/or backing vocals from your recording for better results, instantly in Kits.

  • Pitch Shift: Raise or lower the pitch by up to 24 semitones.

  • Conversion Strength: Adds more accent and articulation to the generation, but can cause unexpected results at high levels. 

  • Volume Blend: Control the balance between the input volume and the model. Lower values reveal more of the original dynamics.

  • Pre-Processing Effects: Cut noise, rumble, and harshness, smooth volume, and/or autotune before generation.

  • Post-Processing Effects: Apply compressor, chorus, reverb, and/or delay to your final result

Kits AI advanced settings page

AI Voice and AI Singing Generators: Chatgpt for Audio

Premade voices are the simplest way to use ElevenLabs and Kits, and both offer a wide array of high-quality options.

ElevenLabs offers 40+ premade voices for speech generation. Each one has a name and tags for its accent, character or quality (“sailor”, “overhyped”, “whisper”, etc.), and their recommended use, such as audiobooks, video games, ASMR, and more. In addition, there is a Voice Library containing thousands more from users, including clones of professional voice actors and AI-generated sounds.

Elevenlabs voice search page

Kits also offers 50+ stock Artist Voices. Reflecting Kits’s musical focus, the voices are named for their genre and timbre. For example, two of the most popular are Male Gritty Rock and Female Jazz. You can sort Kits’s voices by pitch range, gender, and genre. In addition, Kits offers a few stock instruments, including guitar, bass, saxophone, and cello. These can be used to convert sung melodies into instrumentals.

Menu with of the Kits AI voice generator library

AI Voice Cloning Tutorial

Both Kits and ElevenLabs allow you to clone real voices to use for future generations. ElevenLabs works great with spoken recordings for narration and voiceover, while Kits is built for singing and music.

Kits calls this process “training” a voice. Simply upload an audio file, your own voice, or paste a YouTube link. Kits accepts uploads up to 60 minutes, but recommends a length of 10 minutes to optimize speed and quality. For best results, use a recording with only clean vocals (no reverb, harmonies, or background noise). Use the highest-quality microphone you can and the more vowels and pitches used, the better.

Kits AI custom voice training page with files uploaded

From there, you can choose to clean up vocals and remove instrumentals. Add a name and photo, then train your new voice! (This process can take some time, so be patient.) Once finished, you can use this new voice for anything you want to create.

On ElevenLabs, the process is called “Instant Voice Cloning.” Upload up to 25 audio or video files, up to 10 MB each. The site warns that quality matters more than quantity; beyond 5 minutes of uploaded speech, the improvements are minimal. Then give it a name, select tags, write a quick description, and you’re done. 

Elevenlabs voice creation page wth the prompt Charlie

AI Tools for Voice Creation

Both tools allow you to create new voices from scratch. This is a great alternative to stock voices or cloning, when you want a brand new and completely unique sound. 

Elevenlabs AI Text Generations

ElevenLabs’s Voice Design features lets you create new voices and audio content by setting the gender, age, accent, and accent strength.  You can save the voice to the Voice Library to use it again and share it with others. New voices are generated each time, so even if someone else selects the exact same parameters, the result won’t be the same.

Text generator page on Elevenlabs

In Kits, you can make custom voices using the Voice Blender. Instead of multiple parameters, you simply select two voices to combine and set a blend ratio. You can blend two stock voices, trained voices, or one of each. Blended voices will be saved under My Voices, so you can use them for text-to-speech or singing conversions.

Voice blending page on Kits

Unique Features that Make Kits the Best AI Voice Generator

Each tool has killer apps that cater to their target user. On Kits, music producers, singers, and musicians have access to an AI Vocal Remover, which can pull the singer out of mixed music, and solo it in a clean file. 

Vocal remover page on Kits with a loading screen indicating an audio conversions in progress

Kits also offers instrument voices, including guitar, bass, saxophone, and more. These allow you to generate uploaded melodies as instruments and fine-tune your creations. Don’t play the cello? No need to hire a cellist or even use MIDI instruments. Just sing the cello part into Kits and generate it in the Cello voice!

voice to instrument model page

ElevenLabs’s most unique feature is AI video dubbing. Upload a video file or social media link, then choose a target language. ElevenLabs will detect the original language and number of speakers, then automatically dub the video into one of 29 target languages including English, Spanish, and Greek -- all while preserving the individual character of each speaker’s voice. This is a game changer for content creators targeting a global audience.

Elevenlabs video dubbing feature page


AI-generated speech is taking over content creation, and the technology is improving every day. Generative AI voiceover and narration tools like ElevenLabs are already commonplace on social media, and AI singers from Kits are becoming the next big trend in music production. Both offer text-to-speech and speech-to-speech generation, voice cloning, voice creation, and more. 

So which one is right for you? It really comes down to speaking versus singing. ElevenLabs offers numerous voices, long character limits, and detailed customization, making it perfect for the best text spoken content and dubbing. For singing and music, Kits wins easily. With stock Royalty-free Voices for every genre and style, DAW-native formats, a vocal remover, instrument voices, and more, you can create your own AI-powered vocals for your music with Kits. 

Get started, free. No credit card required.

Our free plan lets you see how Kits can help streamline your vocal and audio workflow. When you are ready to take the next step, paid plans start at $9.99 / month.

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