LALAL AI vs. Kits AI: The Best AI Stem Splitter and Vocal Editor

Compare Kits AI and Lalal.AI's stem splitting and vocal editing capabilities in this newest article. Find the best audio platform for your workflow needs.

A comparison graphic with the Kits AI and Lalal AI pages placed side by side
A comparison graphic with the Kits AI and Lalal AI pages placed side by side
A comparison graphic with the Kits AI and Lalal AI pages placed side by side

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Comece grátis. Não é necessário cartão de crédito.

Nosso plano gratuito permite que você veja como o Kits pode ajudar a otimizar seu fluxo de trabalho vocal e de áudio. Quando estiver pronto para dar o próximo passo, os planos pagos começam em $9.99 por mês.

Comece grátis. Não é necessário cartão de crédito.

Nosso plano gratuito permite que você veja como o Kits pode ajudar a otimizar seu fluxo de trabalho vocal e de áudio. Quando estiver pronto para dar o próximo passo, os planos pagos começam em $9.99 por mês.

Comece grátis. Não é necessário cartão de crédito.

Nosso plano gratuito permite que você veja como o Kits pode ajudar a otimizar seu fluxo de trabalho vocal e de áudio. Quando estiver pronto para dar o próximo passo, os planos pagos começam em $9.99 por mês.

Musicians, producers, and singers are no strangers to using the latest technology in their workflow. And artificial intelligence is no exception. Music creators are quickly embracing AI to speed up their process, improve their sound, and make better songs.

In this post, we’ll break down two popular AI vocal tools: Kits AI and LALAL.AI. LALAL.AI leverages AI technology as a music source separation service, extracting vocals, instrumental tracks, drums, bass, guitar, piano, and synthesizer from audio or video files. They both use AI to clean up bad recordings, split stems and extract vocal tracks, and even convert a singer into a completely new voice.

Let’s compare Kits AI and LALAL’s key features to see which one belongs in your vocal production toolbox:

Voice Conversion

Voice conversion allows you to replace an existing singer with a new, AI-generated voice, using both audio and video files. This technology supports various file formats, enabling users to upload their recordings for conversion with Kits AI and LALAL's voice conversion tools. The voice can either be a stock voice based on an existing model, or a new model that clones a real person. The converter will even match the words, intonation, and tone of the original voice.

The possibilities of AI voice conversion are endless: Turn a solo song into a duet. Record a quick demo yourself, then convert it into a professional-quality voice. Experiment with sounds and styles before hiring a singer. Train a model on the singer’s voice, then create overdub tracks to fix issues in post. The only limit is your creativity.

Kits AI Technology for Voice Conversion

Kits AI’s killer app is its Convert feature, which allows you to convert a singer into an entirely new voice, even in fully mixed music.

Kits AI audio conversion page with the Female Rock/Pop model selcted

Upload the original as a file, YouTube link, or record it directly into the web app. From there, you can select a range of options to perfect your voice conversion: 

  • Remove instrumentals, reverb and delay, and backing vocals.

  • Pitch Shift: Raise or lower the pitch by up to 24 semitones.

  • Conversion Strength: Add more accent and articulation to the generation.

  • Volume Blend: Control the balance between the input volume and the model. 

  • Pre-Processing Effects: Cut noise, rumble, and harshness, smooth volume, and/or autotune before generation.

  • Post-Processing Effects: Apply compressor, chorus, reverb, and/or delay to your final result.

Advanced features in the Kits AI audio conversion step

Kits AI offers 50+ royalty-free stock Artist Voices in its Voice Library, each named for their genre and timbre including Strained Male Rock and Female Bedroom Pop, for example. You can further sort by pitch range, gender, and genre. You can even combine two voices with the Voice Blender.  In addition, Kits AI offers a few stock instruments, including electric guitar, bass, saxophone, and cello. Just sing or hum a tune, convert, and you’ve got an instant instrumental track! 

Kits AI even offers a Voice Trainer, which clones an existing voice to use for conversions or text-to-speech. Upload a high-quality recording, clean up the vocals, remove instrumentals, and you’re done!

The Kits AI voice cloning process


LALAL recently launched an AI Voice Changer, which is still in beta. The library of 16 stock voices is entirely celebrity singers, such as Drake, Taylor Swift, and Louis Armstrong. While this may seem appealing, the use of real people’s voices presents copyright concerns. You might run legal risk from posting the results or using them professionally, unlike the completely royalty-free voices on Kits AI.

The process is simple: upload an audio or video file, select one of the voices in the preview stage, then convert the entire clip. The AI algorithms play a crucial role in analyzing and converting voices, showcasing LALAL's innovative approach to voice transformation technology.

Lalal AI voice changer tool

Stem Splitter: Music Source Separation Service

Stem splitters are crucial tools for any music maker. They analyze a finished song and break it back down into its constituent instrumental stems. With the advancement of AI-powered tools, stem splitters can now automatically and accurately extract vocals from any audio or video file, enhancing the efficiency and quality of music production.

Additionally, these innovative tools are capable of isolating instrumental tracks, making them indispensable for musicians, DJs, producers, and audio engineers for tasks such as remixing and creating karaoke tracks. Love a specific snare hit and want to sample it? Use a stem splitter to isolate the drums. Trying to learn a tricky bass line, but can’t quite hear the details? Use the stem splitter to solo it. Need a clean vocal track for a remix? The stem splitter can pull it out in seconds.

Kits AI Vocal Remover and Stem Splitter

Kits AI’s Stem Splitter is a versatile tool made to split tracks into vocals, drums, bass, and other various instruments. It’s a great choice for beat makers who need quick access to the rhythm section of a song or those looking to isolate background music without tinkering with tricks on their DAW. All four extracted stems can be quickly downloaded as a .zip file, and you can upload up to 5 files at once to save time.

The Kits AI stem splitter file outputs


LALAL offers a similar stem separation function. Instead of automatically analyzing for vocals, drums, and bass, LALAL requires you to select one of ten instruments, including options like acoustic guitar and electric guitar, then split the stems.

After uploading your file, LALAL generates previews which you can tweak before processing the entire clip. Choose whether to use the V3 Phoenix and V4 Orion neural network. (You’ll likely need to experiment with both to determine which is better for your purposes. Select mild, normal, or aggressive noise cancellation. You can also choose to apply de-echo, which removes echo and reverb, and enhanced processing, which further reduces recording and speech artifacts. Regenerate the preview with your preferred settings, then process the entire upload.

The Lalal AI stem separator

Editing Tools for Vocal Removal

Kits AI

In addition to the Stem Splitter, Kits AI offers a Vocal Remover, specifically for isolating singers from mixed music. With AI built in, it identifies the vocal component and extracts them precisely even when similar sounds overlap.

Upload a song or paste in a YouTube link, then separate the vocals from the instrumentals. Advanced settings allow you to remove backing vocals, reverb, and echo.

The Kits AI vocal remover page with a vocal isolation in progress

For even more precise separation of lead and backing vocals, use the Vocal De-Harmony tool. Upload your vocal stem and AI will identify and separate the lead singer from harmonies. You can download the split stems as a .zip. This is a great option if you’ve tried the “Remove backing vocals” setting on the Vocal Remover, but still need further fine-tuning. 


LALAL’s Vocal Cleaner tool is similar, but targeted more toward removing background noise, extraneous sounds, and recording artifacts than music (though it can separate singers from instrumentals). Designed to eliminate extraneous sounds that microphones often capture during vocal recording, LALAL’s tool is built to remove vocal plosives, mic rumble, and other noises, enhancing the clarity and quality of vocal tracks by producing a clean and polished final product.

This tool uses the same preview UX as LALAL’s stem splitter and offers the same controls: two neural networks, noise canceling level, enhanced processing, and de-echo.

An audio file uploaded into the Lalal AI vocal cleaner

Desktop App & API

Kits AI

Kits AI recently launched a desktop version of their long-standing web app. It currently offers the Convert features, with a powerful multimodal mode that lets you try out multiple voice models simultaneously. You can also drag and drop files from Kits AI into your DAW. Voice Training and other tools are coming soon. 

AI conversion page of the Kits AI desktop app


LALAL also offers a desktop app for Mac and Windows. However, it offers a limited feature set compared to the web app, with only the stem splitter included.

Both Kits AI and LALAL offer an API and documentation for developers looking to build AI vocals into their apps.

The Lalal AI desktop application


Kits AI and LALAL are excellent choices for improving your vocal production with AI. Both offer advanced stem splitters and voice cleaners that use AI to far surpass what’s possible with traditional software. While they offer complete functionality in their web apps, both have desktop versions, though Kits AI’s is more built out at this time.

Where Kits AI pulls ahead is in its voice conversion tool. With a large library of royalty-free voices, it’s a more viable tool for serious producers and musicians who want to share their music with the public. Plus, it offers voice training, voice blending, and a range of customization options to perfect your results. Both Kits AI and LALAL.AI are versatile tools that cater to a wide audience, including streamers, journalists, transcribers, and musicians, by offering features like vocal removal, noise reduction, and the ability to isolate vocals and instruments, making them indispensable for anyone looking to enhance their vocal production.

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