How to: Earn passive income with your voice with Kits Earn

Verify your voice under Kits Earn and generate passive income as audio using your voice is downloaded.

Infographic featuring the steps for submission in the Kits Earn program
Infographic featuring the steps for submission in the Kits Earn program
Infographic featuring the steps for submission in the Kits Earn program

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무료 요금제로 Kits가 보컬 및 오디오 워크플로우를 간소화하는 데 어떻게 도움을 줄 수 있는지 확인하세요. 다음 단계를 준비할 때, 유료 요금제는 매월 $9.99부터 시작합니다.

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무료 요금제로 Kits가 보컬 및 오디오 워크플로우를 간소화하는 데 어떻게 도움을 줄 수 있는지 확인하세요. 다음 단계를 준비할 때, 유료 요금제는 매월 $9.99부터 시작합니다.

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무료 요금제로 Kits가 보컬 및 오디오 워크플로우를 간소화하는 데 어떻게 도움을 줄 수 있는지 확인하세요. 다음 단계를 준비할 때, 유료 요금제는 매월 $9.99부터 시작합니다.

Verified Voices from Kits Earn is our next step towards building an ethical, royalty-free voice library that provides compensation to the vocalists behind every AI voice model. Now, vocalists on Kits are able to share their unique voice either anonymously or publicly and earn passive income with full control over their privacy.

Why should I share my voice?

Our mission behind Kits Earn is to offer a platform for vocalists and producers alike to support ethically-sourced and fairly compensated AI-generated voices. As an artist or vocalist, Kits Earn allows you to earn passive payouts from the comfort of your home as your voice is made accessible to producers, creators, and composers all over the world. 

With this, we hope to provide more control and power than ever before to vocalists who want to share and monetize their voice on their terms.

Opening up our voice library in this way guarantees that producers, creators, and composers alike can experiment with unique, robust voices spanning every range, timbre, and genre.

How To Verify Your Voice

Voice Verification Requirements:

Before you get started, understand that the Kits team thoroughly reviews and tests each voice submission under two main criteria: quality and compliance. To ensure your voice passes our tests, please ensure that:

  • The Voice Model is of high-quality 

  • The Voice Model you submit is of your own voice

Do you own rights to vocals besides yourself or know someone who might be interested in Kits Earn? Please reach out to outreach@kits.ai for further information. 

These checks are put in place to make sure that models featured in our library are ethically sourced and retain the same high-quality standards of other AI voices that we host.

Step 1: Connect your Stripe account

To submit your trained voice to be considered in our Verified Voice Library and earn payouts, log in to Kits and go to the Earn page.

Link to a Stripe Connect Account

In order to receive payouts, you must register your Stripe Connect account, which enables us to pay you in a timely manner and stay compliant.

Once connected, proceed to Step 2. Create a model to submit or select an already trained model to submit for review.

Step 2: Create your voice

Note: Voice model creation is currently limited to our premium tier users. For vocalists interested in sharing their voice, please reach out to outreach@kits.ai.

To create a voice to submit, go to Kits AI’s voice creation page.

Kits AI voice training page

Select Start Training and read through our dataset requirements. To ensure the best model, make sure you review the resources on-page. Your audio should… 

  • Include 30–60 minutes of clean (no effects or noise) and monophonic (one voice at a time) vocals

  • Be free of any background noise, harmonies, or effects, and is captured in a single session to capture the exact frequency response of the target voice

  • Have volume peaks around -9db and -3db. Try to maintain a consistent volume across your dataset with a volume rider or automation to even out the volume across all sections of your dataset, and then compression to smooth out peaks. 

Upload your files and press Continue to finish out the training process

Kits AI voice training file upload page

Select your voice model type and upload a profile picture

Voice model detail edit page

Your model will now begin training. Keep an eye on the progress bar, and once training completes, your model will appear in your My Voices page.

Training in progress for a Kits AI voice model

For the more details on preparing the highest quality dataset, check out our full documentation on how to improve your AI model training

Step 3: Submit your voice

On the Earn page, select Submit Voice to begin the approval process for Kits Earn. 

Voice model submission page for Kits Earn

Select the voice that you’d like to submit for review and choose the relevant categories for your voice.

Kits Earn voice submission modal

Provide a description of your model, tags, and 3 high-quality outputs from your model.

The tags help us better understand your model and the audio outputs will be reviewed to ensure your model’s quality. 

Add any links of social media profiles that you’d like to feature alongside your voice.

Social link input page for Kits Earn

To verify that your submitted voice belongs to you, provide a recorded response

Voice verification process for Kits Earn

Continue to submit your voice for review. Once you have completed these steps, your voice model will be submitted for review.

You will receive email updates on the status of your voice and once approved, you will be able to track earnings and receive payouts based on usage of your voice.

Payouts page on Kits Earn

Building an Ethical AI Voice Library

Kits Earn is born from a resolve we share towards creating accessible and ethical AI audio tools. The introduction of Verified Voices and our payout program is a conscious step to compensate and reward the vocalists and original creators of voices that nurture our voice offerings. 

For more information on how our training and submission process works, check out our FAQ or reach out to us at outreach@kits.ai with any questions.

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