Revolutionize Your Songwriting Process: How Kits AI Enhances Collaboration and Creativity for Modern Musicians

Embracing Innovation in Traditional Co-Writing Sessions

Four people in a studio reviewing music materials on a tablet device
Four people in a studio reviewing music materials on a tablet device
Four people in a studio reviewing music materials on a tablet device

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As a lifelong songwriter who wasn’t blessed with a great voice, integrating Kits AI into my creative process has transformed my workflow, particularly during co-writing sessions with other singer-songwriters. The ability to pitch a song to someone in their own voice has significantly enhanced the potential of my own material. The sad truth is, no matter how great of a song I write, my voice often doesn’t do it justice. Kits AI has bridged that gap, unveiling my songs in a new light.

Experimenting with Kits AI

Over the past week, I conducted an experiment after asking my songwriter friends, Tim Howls and JoAnna James, for permission to clone their voices using Kits AI. My goal was to create models of each voice and send them a new song idea I’d been working on, replacing my original vocal track with AI-generated versions of Tim and JoAnna. Tim, a member of the pop band The Plain White T’s, has recently ventured into country music, where his voice occasionally carries a bit of twang. JoAnna, on the other hand, is an indie folk artist with a soothing and gentle voice. This made for a great case study due to their vastly different vocal styles and approaches.

Preparing for Voice Modeling

Kits AI recommends uploading about 30 minutes of isolated lead vocal stems, free from any reverb or effects, for the most accurate representation. With Tim, I had ample material from our years of collaboration. However, with JoAnna, I needed to dig into her back catalog, using Kits AI's stem splitter to separate the vocals from fully arranged tracks. This feature worked wonderfully, allowing me to create clean vocal stems necessary for accurate training.

Outputs files from the Kits AI Stem Splitter tool separated into Vocals, Bass, Drums, and Other audio files.

Training the AI Model

Once I had sufficient vocal material to pull from, it was time to train each of their voices. Here was my step–by–step process:

  1. Click the Voices tab from the left side of the home page.

Side navigation of Kits AI homepage
  1. Select Clone a voice.

Button option on Kits AI to Clone a Voice
  1. Upload isolated vocal stems until it reaches the recommended duration and smash the “Continue” button to let the AI work its magic.

Section in Kits AI voice creation modal to upload audio files

Soon I had custom voice models for both Tim and JoAnna. 

With the new models ready for use, I bounced my isolated vocal track from the song I was working on, ensuring it was dry and at a good level. Using Kits AI, I selected the desired voice and dropped my vocal file into the Input box. Kits AI analyzed the song's key and informed me whether it fit the singer’s range. This was crucial, as the original key was great for Tim but too low for JoAnna. A quick pitch adjustment in my DAW session resolved this, making the song comfortable for both vocalists.

Input file added to convert

Converting and Testing

After matching the correct key, I hit the convert button and watched as Kits AI transformed my voice into those of Tim and JoAnna. I downloaded the new vocal tracks and imported them back into my DAW, applying the final touches with EQ, compression, and reverb to blend seamlessly into the track. I sent the updated tracks to Tim and JoAnna, eagerly awaiting their reactions.

Reactions and Insights

Their responses were priceless. JoAnna exclaimed, “Whaaaat??!! This is soooo trippy!!! You’ve just dropped me into the future! That is WILD. So freaking cool!!!!” Tim was equally enthusiastic, saying, “This is nuts! And I love this song idea and have a couple small vocal tweaks I’d love to try in the verses.”

Check out the clips below to hear how Kits AI transformed my rough vocal into something more palatable for each of my collaborators:

Original Audio



Embracing AI in Music Creation

My experiment with Kits AI was a resounding success, demonstrating its value as both a convincing voice generator and a tool to inspire creativity. While some musicians fear the rise of AI in the music industry, my experience shows that AI can empower and enhance an individual's creativity. By embracing tools like Kits AI, we can continue to make music the personal and expressive art form we love.


Introducing Kits AI into traditional co-writing sessions has transformed how I collaborate with other artists. Using artificial voice creation has enabled me to present my songs in the best possible light, encouraging more productive and creative sessions. For any songwriter looking to elevate their work, Kits AI is a powerful tool worth exploring.

Explore the future of songwriting with Kits AI and unlock new creative possibilities in your own co-writing sessions. Download the Kits AI Desktop App and streamline your workflow today!


Sam Kearney is a producer, composer and sound designer based in Evergreen, CO.

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