Top 5 Free AI Stem Splitters 

Compare and contrast the top free AI stem splitter tools in the market and find out which one works best for your production process.

Graphic showing layouts of stem splitter tools of 5 audio companies
Graphic showing layouts of stem splitter tools of 5 audio companies
Graphic showing layouts of stem splitter tools of 5 audio companies

Whether you’re producing remixes, sampling, or making backing tracks for practice, every creative in the music industry needs a stem splitter. Stem separation, although sometimes confused with a vocal remover, quickly splices a song into its constituent parts, with downloadable stems for vocals and accompanying instrumental parts.

There are lots of great AI-powered vocal removers and stem splitters that can take your production process to the next level, available without the need to download any plugins or music production knowledge. Best of all, the tools in this list are all free to trial or use, which makes pricing much less of a worry.

Let’s break down the top five free AI stem separation tools in the market:

BandLab's Stem Splitter

BandLab is built around an online DAW called BandLab Studio, with a large library of stock sounds and instruments. They also offer a four-track splitter, fittingly called Splitter, which uses AI technology to separate any quality stems into vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments. Afterwards, you can adjust the tempo and change the pitch. You can then download the stems or import them directly into BandLab Studio.

Bandlab's Splitter tool

Moises AI's Stem Splitter Feature

Moises, an online AI music app, offers one of the most powerful track splitters available. The most interesting element is the track quantity selector, which lets you choose how to split your audio format. With 11 instruments and 2 voices, it’s perhaps the most versatile on this list. Get one vocal track, or split them into lead and harmonies. One instrumental track, or guitars and drums, or every instrument in its own track. You can further tweak the results by changing the tempo and key.  

Some other interesting features are rolled into Moises’s tool. AI Lyric Transcription generates lyric sheets rapidly and AI Chord Identification identifies chords and syncs them with the music. Simply put them together to create play-along practice tracks.

Moises AI stem splitter tool

Splitter AI

Splitter is a dedicated stem splitting app, with versions for web, mobile, and desktop. The more advanced 2 Stem X “karaoke generator” requires a subscription, but the free version includes a “low-quality” 5 stem splitter with up to 20 minutes of upload time.

Splitter automatically selects the necessary tracks based on the upload. You can download the individual stems, or adjust the speed with a slider. However, a BPM adjustment might be more useful to musicians and producers interested in mashups and practical use in their productions.

Splitter AI's stem splitting tool

Voice AI's Stem Splitter Function

Voice AI offers an online AI vocal suite, though it has less functionality than the downloadable app. In addition to a very simple voice changer, it includes separate vocal remover and stem splitter tools. 

Voice AI’s vocal separation AI model is extremely simple, turning out two downloadable vocal and instrumental stems with no additional tools. Furthermore, reverb and echo removal is offered as separate tools, instead of being built-in like Kits’s tool.

Voice AI's vocal separation tool.

Kits AI's Stem Splitter Tool

Introducing Kits. We are an AI vocal platform, offering voice conversion, cloning, as well as audio processing tools including a vocal remover, AI mastering tool, harmony remover to erase background noise, and a stem splitter. With built in AI, our stem splitter is designed off of our existing vocal remover tool. The stem splitter will isolate vocals and further split the instrumental track into drums, bass, and other instruments.

The combination of intuitive UI and simple process makes Kits AI a great choice for music producers, audio engineers, and beatmakers who need quick access to the rhythm section of a song. All four stems can be quickly download as a .zip file. To save time, you can even upload up to 5 files at once.

Stem Separation Tutorial

To get started, simply head over to our stem splitter tool page

Kits AI's stem splitter tool

Upload your audio file or even a YouTube link you’d like to split stems for

Audio track uploaded into the Kits AI stem splitter

Press Split Stems and wait for a .zip file with high-quality .wav downloads of your stem, isolated into four components: vocals, bass, drums, and instruments.

Separated stems with bass, drum, other, and vocal compoments.


Today’s producers and musicians have a wealth of AI-driven tools at their disposal. They work faster and smarter than existing options, and there’s no need to buy software or pay for expensive subscriptions. Whether it’s a simple, practical stem splitter like Kits or a versatile experimentation tool like Moises, find the perfect AI tools for your music workflow.

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