Kits vs. Landr: The Best AI Mastering Tools

Compare two of the best free AI Mastering tools availible and find the best audio processing tool works best for your production flow with this article.

landr and kits ai mastering tool comparison graphic
landr and kits ai mastering tool comparison graphic
landr and kits ai mastering tool comparison graphic

Track mastering is the crucial “cherry on top” of music production. Quality mastering turns good songs into great songs. With just equalization, compression, and limiting, a skilled mastering engineer can turn a catchy tune into an undeniable hit. But without mastering, music can wind up underwhelming, unexciting, and flat. 

Track mastering is one of the most difficult – and expensive – tasks in music. That’s why the advent of AI mastering tools has been such a gamechanger for amping up your music distribution. Today’s AI mastering software can analyze your entire mix and finish them perfectly, all in a matter of seconds, opening up mastering options for beginners and veteran creators alike. Best of all, it costs a tiny fraction of a professional mastering engineer. 

Kits and Landr each offer popular AI mastering tools as part of larger product suites including Landr Studio, and Kits’s Royalty-free Voice Library. Kits is built for AI vocals, with a voice converter, voice cloner, voice isolator, and more. Landr is a web-based music production suite, offering a DAW, plug-ins, royalty-free samples, and streaming distribution services.

Let’s compare their mastering tools to see which one belongs in your production workflow (maybe even replacing your mastering chain):

Online Mastering Presets 

Both Kits and Landr offer presets to guide your master. Since AI mastering works so quickly, you can experiment with endless revisions until you find the perfect fit. 

Kits offers six presets:

  • Light & Bright

  • Bass Heavy

  • Punch & Air

  • Lush

  • Tape Glue

  • Analog Warmth

Open Kits AI mastering page

Landr offers just three “Style” options:

  • Warm

  • Balanced

  • Open

You can also set the Loudness to low, medium, or high.

Landr AI mastering page

Winner: Kits

Reference Tracks

One of the most useful advantages of AI mastering software is reference tracks. Just upload a song whose sound you love, and the AI model will use it as a guide for the balance and feel of your master.

Both Landr and Kits support reference tracks, which gives them both a leg up over other AI tools. (Read our complete round-up of the top six here.) 

However, only Kits lets you use a YouTube video as a reference track, giving it a slight edge.

Winner: Kits

Album Mastering 

Landr’s most unique feature is Album Mastering. This means you can upload an entire album in one file, and Landr’s algorithm will master the entire thing at once for a consistent, polished sound. Make sure you’ve added any silences and fades before, as Landr can’t do these parts of the mastering process. 

Since Kits does not offer this specific feature yet, Landr wins this one.

Winner: Landr


While all AI mastering services are more affordable than hiring an engineer, price is still an important factor.

It’s tough to beat Kits on this one: it’s completely free! In fact, Kits is one of the only mastering tools to offer full-length, high-resolution trials at no cost.

On Landr, mastering is included with the Studio Standard plan for $19.99/month, which includes unlimited MP3s and three WAVs per month. For unlimited high-res WAVs, you’ll need the Pro plan at $39.99/month.

Overall, both tools are a very reasonable price point compared to other AI mastering plugins available in the current market. For example, Mastering plugins by Sonible or Izotope Ozone boasts a variety of features and AI-powered mastering settings but is not available for free use outside of a short free trial.

Winner: Kits

Conclusion: Kits vs. Landr Mastering Plugin

Kits is one of the most versatile AI mastering tools available. With dynamic presets, reference tracks, and unlimited downloads – all for free – it’s difficult to find a better option on the market today.

About Kits

While its AI mastering engine is exceptional, Kits is largely built to be the most powerful AI for singing. You can change a singer into a new one, clone a singer’s voice, blend two voices together, and extract lead vocals and harmonies from mixed music. All in one simple tool. 

Kits’s Convert is the most advanced tool for converting singing voices. Upload a file, YouTube link, or record something directly into the web app. Then, Kits will sub out the existing singer for a new voice of your choosing in real-time. Explore a range of advanced controls to finetune your output, including instrumental remover, pitch shift, and pre- and post-processing effects.

Kits offers 50+ stock royalty-free voices in its Voice Library. Each is named for its gender and genre, such as Male Afro Beat or Female Bedroom Pop. There are even voices for other languages and world music styles. Kits also offers a few stock instrument voices. Just record yourself singing a melody, then convert it into an instrument voice to quickly create instrumentals!

Open page of the Kits AI voice library

To further customize your sound, you can combine two voices with the Voice Blender. Adjust the Blend Ratio slider to adjust the balance. 

Kits AI voice blending tool

Train on Kits is perhaps the most powerful AI voice cloner. Upload a file or YouTube link, and Kits trains an AI model to create a perfect replica of the singer. You can then use this model for unlimited conversions.

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