Announcing the Kits.AI Desktop App

Graphic announcing the Kits AI Desktop App

Today we’re excited to announce our biggest leap in the creative workflow for AI Voice yet with the launch of the Kits AI desktop integration. 

The Kits AI Desktop App allows for seamless file conversion to and from any creative application, so you can use the magic of AI Voice without ever leaving your production plugins or DAW. Explore our improvements to the Kits AI audio creation workflow and learn more about what’s next to come. Download Kits AI Desktop here.

Streamline Your Workflow With Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Graphic demonstrating file drag and drop functionality

Moving files to and from Kits is now easier and faster than ever with our desktop app. Gone are the days of cumbersome file transfers and tedious import processes. With our desktop integration, simply drag and drop files directly into the Kits interface.

Whether you're importing audio tracks, MIDI files, or samples, the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality ensures effortless file management, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your music.

Instant Inspiration with Royalty-Free AI Voice Conversions

An open page of the Kits AI voice library

Access a vast collection of ethically-sourced voices for hassle-free use. Eliminate licensing headaches and find the perfect vocal texture for your music without restrictions.

Experiment and discover new sounds in seconds and express your creativity without constraints.

Multimodel Conversion

Kits AI conversion page with multiple models selected

Auditioning AI vocalists has never been easier thanks to our desktop application's multi-model conversion feature. Convert the same audio of up to 5 voice models to compare and contrast vocal style, genre, and range to find the perfect fit for your project in record time. 

Bring your musical vision to life and experiment with a diverse range of vocalists including Male Punk Pop and Female LoFi voice models all in one click. Access studio-quality vocals without expensive sessions or complex licensing restrictions. Invest in your music, not bureaucracy.

What’s Next

Open laptop featuring Kits AI desktop application and an open DAW

The Kits Desktop App is a big step for improving the workflow of AI Voice professionals and we’re excited to introduce more developments for improved quality and new AI audio tools very soon. Our desktop application is another one of many efforts towards our mission to create functional AI tools to elevate the music production process. Download the Kits AI desktop application and experience the full extent of what Kits has to offer today.

Kits AI desktop app graphic with logo

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