Introducing Kits Earn: How We Empower Vocalists

Learn more about our newest payout program for vocalists to monetize their voice and how we contribute to creating ethical AI audio tools.

Payouts page for the Kits Earn program
Payouts page for the Kits Earn program
Payouts page for the Kits Earn program

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무료 요금제로 Kits가 보컬 및 오디오 워크플로우를 간소화하는 데 어떻게 도움을 줄 수 있는지 확인하세요. 다음 단계를 준비할 때, 유료 요금제는 매월 $9.99부터 시작합니다.

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무료 요금제로 Kits가 보컬 및 오디오 워크플로우를 간소화하는 데 어떻게 도움을 줄 수 있는지 확인하세요. 다음 단계를 준비할 때, 유료 요금제는 매월 $9.99부터 시작합니다.

Kits AI is a platform offering AI voice changing technology and audio tools for 5,000,000+ global artists, creators, and producers. Our core mission is to unlock the creative potential of AI and foster collaboration in the music creation space. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce Kits Earn, a new way for vocalists to earn passive income with a model of their voice. 

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What is Kits Earn?

Kits Earn is one of many ways we’re contributing to the nuanced discussion regarding artificial intelligence and ethics in the music industry. With this newest development, we seek to bridge the gap between vocalists and AI, providing a transparent, controlled, and easy option for singers to monetize their unique voice and earn passive income. 

Simply train a verified model of your voice on Kits AI (even anonymously!), control who can access your voice, and get paid every time audio using your voice is downloaded.

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What this means

Vocalists and artists will now be able to have their voice accessible to Kits users around the world and earn payouts from their democratized sound. Kits Earn provides vocalists a whole new avenue of income safely and securely, on a platform that values artist rights.

Traditionally, opportunities for vocalists are dependent on a variety of factors: from coordinating studio sessions, to receiving beats for toplining, and having to audition for a track even before a payout. With your voice in the Kits library, open up your signature sound to a community of thousands of producers, creators, and composers and get compensated on your terms. 

With this, we hope to provide more accessibility, control, and transparency than ever before to vocalists who would like to share and monetize their voice online.

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How it works

1) Train and Verify Your Voice

Kits subscribers can create a custom voice model of themselves to submit for approval as a Verified Voice on Kits.

NOTE: voice model creation is currently limited to our premium tier users. For vocalists interested in sharing their voice, please reach out to outreach@kits.ai.

Can I Earn with Someone Else’s Voice?

Kits Earn is only open to vocalists interested in monetizing their own voice and likeness. Voice submissions without the original vocalists’ rights will not be approved.

If you do own the rights to a vocalist besides yourself or know someone who might be interested in Kits Earn, please reach out to outreach@kits.ai for further information. 

2) Kits AI Team Review

The Kits AI team reviews all voice submissions to ensure that submitted voices belong to you. To ensure that users get great results, the team will also perform a robust quality check.

3) Approval and Earnings

How Users Access Your Model

Kits Earn provides full control over who can access your model along with the option to remain anonymous or host your voice in your name in the Kits Library. Voices approved for Kits Earn will begin earning passive income immediately from downloads in the public Kits Voice Library— where they will be accessible to every Kits user for their audio projects—or via downloads from users who have access to the model via private email share.

How Payments Work

Monitoring your earnings for your Creator Voice is extremely easy. Navigate back to your Earn page and you will have a dashboard to track your voice’s Lifetime earnings, Earnings in the current pay period, and Earnings and usage per day.

Your voice will accumulate income as audio from your voice is downloaded and used. Payouts will occur starting at $10 of accumulated earnings on the 1st and 15th of every month.

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Kits for Ethical AI Audio

With Kits Earn, vocalists now have another avenue for monetizing their talents in a way that prioritizes transparency and control, all while connecting with a global community of producers and creators.

For more information on how our training and approval process works, check out our FAQ or reach out directly with questions to outreach@kits.ai

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