Top 4 Free AI Voice Generators for Music 

Explore the top 4 free AI voice generators in the market and find the best tool for your music production.

Graphic comparing homepages of AI music generator websites
Graphic comparing homepages of AI music generator websites
Graphic comparing homepages of AI music generator websites

Artificial intelligence vocal tools have quickly become essential to music production. Today’s AI models can convert a singer into a completely new voice, train an AI voice based on your own, and turn bad recordings into professional vocal tracks. Plus, AI is built into mastering tools and stem splitters, allowing you to complete tedious tracks in seconds. Some even use generative AI to write lyrics and create melodies. 

Let’s look at four leading AI vocal tools to see how they fit into your music production workflow. 

1. Kits.AI: The Ultimate AI for Singing

Kits is the most powerful AI for singing. With a specific focus on musical vocals, it offers advanced customization options that pros need. Plus, the models are so good, you can’t even tell they’re AI.

Kits offers the most advanced tool for converting singing voices. Upload an audio file, YouTube link, or record something directly into the web app. Then, Kits will sub out the existing singer for a new voice of your choosing. Explore a range of advanced controls to finetune your output: 

  • Remove instrumentals, reverb and delay, and backing vocals.

  • Pitch Shift

  • Conversion Strength: Adds more accent and articulation to the generation.

  • Volume Blend: Control the balance between the input volume and the model. 

  • Pre-Processing Effects: Cut noise, rumble, and harshness, smooth volume, and/or autotune..

  • Post-Processing Effects: Apply compressor, chorus, reverb, and/or delay.

Kits offers 50+ stock royalty-free Artist Voices in its Voice Library along with Voice Cloning options for paid tiers. Each royalty-free voice is named according to different genre and voices, such as Male Afro Beat or Female Bedroom Pop. You can filter different voices by pitch range, gender, and genre, and there are even voices for other languages and world music styles. Kits also offers a stock instrument voices. Just record yourself singing a melody, then convert it into an instrument voice to quickly create instrumentals!

Kits AI open voice library

To further customize your sound, you can combine two voices with the Voice Blender. Adjust the Blend Ratio slider to adjust the balance. 

Voice blending page with two voices selected

Kits is also one of the most powerful tools for AI voice cloning, offering an equally rich feature set as conversions. Just upload a file or paste a YouTube link, and Kits trains an AI voice model to create a perfect clone of the singer for conversions. Kits recommends uploads around 10 minutes for best results, but accepts up to an hour – far more than other tools. 

Voice cloning page with files uploaded

Kits also offers AI track mastering, which applies compression, limiting, EQ and more to perfect your song’s sound. There are six premade mastering presets, and since the process takes just seconds, you can experiment to see which one works best. You can also upload a reference track, which Kits will use as a model.

2. Uberduck: Rap Generator & Other AI Tools

Uberduck’s new Rap Generator combines multiple AI models to create an AI-generated song from scratch. 

First, choose from the five beats, or go a capella at a set BPM. Then, enter your topic and the AI will write the rhymes. There are just four pre-made voices for this feature: a male and female each for English and Spanish. Or, you can also generate the rap with a cloned voice. You can download the result as audio with or without the backing track, as well as a simple lyric video. -(Note that free users are limited to just four lines, and you can’t see or edit previous generations.) 

Uberuck homepage

Uberduck offers voice conversion, but it is optimized for speech, so it may not produce the best results for music. The voice library is also small, with only fifteen, mostly male options. You can train a new voice to use, but this feature is also limited compared to Kits other options on this list. The uploaded sample must be under one minute and the only customization option is pitch shift. 

Uberduck voice to voice conversion page

3. Musicfy: AI Song Covers + Text-to-Music

Musicfy is another robust AI music tool, with a host of customization options and pro features. Like Kits, it offers voice conversion and voice training, as well as a simple text-to-music tool.

Musicfy’s voice conversion tool works with uploaded files, but you can also record directly into the web app or paste in YouTube links. Like Kits, there are several ways to correct your file before conversion, including removing instrumentals and vocals, pitch correction, and formant shift, which preserves pitch while changing the timbre of your voice. Paid users can train their own voices, but this feature is missing the same level of customization.

Musicfy conversion page

The voice library is large, with many voices created by community members. This increases the range of options, but lowers the overall consistency. You can sort by royalty-free, parody, and community voices. There are 42 stock royalty-free voices, which are given just a name and a genre, meaning you’ll need to demo more voices to find exactly what you’re booking for. 

Musicfy also has a text-to-music AI song generator feature. Describe your song: “Create an upbeat, electronic track with a fast tempo, resembling the style of early 2000s techno, incorporating synth melodies,” for example. Then, the AI will generate up to one minute of music with complete instrumentation. But, you’ll need to add vocals yourself.

Musicfy text to music feature

4. VoiceMod: Live Voice Conversion & AI Music Generator

VoiceMod is an AI vocal platform built for streamers and other live content creators. It is one of the few tools available for converting voices in real time. However, functionality is limited for recorded audio, which makes VoiceMod a more niche tool for live performers.

VoiceMod’s library is limited for free users, with only five rotating voices offered per day. VoiceMod Pro offers about 100, which tend to be sillier than pro-oriented tools like Kits. Examples include US Presidents, TV and movie characters, and sound effects.

Voicemod voice library page

Music creators will find the “Singing” voices most useful, but they offer far less customization and realism than other options. There is also a range of “AI Human” voices for text-to-speech. 

Voicemod singing voice library page

VoiceMod’s latest musical feature is Text-to-Song. It works in a web app unlike the voice changer, which needs to be downloaded. Enter your lyrics, and VoiceMod will set them to music and sing them with an AI voice.

All songs are made from a few existing melodies and there are seven voices to choose from for the singer. The resulting snippet of music can be downloaded as audio, or as a video with a cartoon of the singer.

Musicians and producers may find VoiceMod a limiting tool for music production, as it only works for live voice conversions. If you want to change the singer on an existing track or generate high-quality vocals to download and import to a DAW, Kits or Musicfy are better options. But for live voiceover content, Voicemod’s a great choice.

Finding the Best AI Singing Voice Generator for your Music

Choosing an AI vocal tool for your music ultimately comes down to what you’re trying to create. For the highest-quality vocal conversions and cloning for music creation, choose Kits. For generative music, where the AI creates the track based on your input, go with Uberduck or Musicfy. For live conversions in real time for streaming or social media, choose Voicemod. And remember, these AI music tools get better every day, so your imagination is the only limit to what’s possible.

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